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How to make the most of bookmarks in Wakelet

by Wakelet on

Have you explored the Wakelet bookmark area yet? Here are our 5 top tips to help you make the most of your bookmarks in Wakelet

1. Choose your favorite layout

Whether you browse your bookmarks regularly or just want to find a specific item quickly, there’s sure to be a bookmark layout that works for you. There are three options available: grid, compact, or media view. Go for grid or compact if you’d like to view many items at once or opt for media view if you’d like to play you YouTube videos or make your posts visually appealing e.g. Instagram posts look like Instagram posts.

2. Don’t forget to filter

There’s nothing worse than landing in your bookmarks area and then spending hours searching through hundreds of items to find the one you want. Save time by using our handy search filters. It couldn’t be easier to navigate; you can choose to filter your bookmarks by the date saved, content type (e.g. whether it’s a video, tweet or link) and whether or not you have already saved it into a Wakelet collection.

3. Edit your items

It’s all too easy to save a link for later and then completely forget why you saved it when you go to revisit your bookmarks! On Wakelet, you can edit your bookmarks as you save them so you’ll never have to wonder again. You can change the title to something more memorable, replace the image, or update the description with text that’ll help provide context in the future. Customizing each bookmark takes seconds and is even possible when saving content through the Wakelet browser extension!

Save, organize and share on Wakelet

4. Share it however you like

Have you ever come across an article, tweet or holiday suggestion that you know you’ll want to share in the future, but not right now? Perhaps you’re saving it for a class discussion later in the semester, your friend group aren’t in holiday planning mode yet, or you’re preparing for a future Twitter chat. With Wakelet, it’s easy to share your bookmarks however and whenever you like. With just one click, you can choose to share an item on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google Classroom or Remind, or simply copy and paste the link to share it an email or WhatsApp chat.

5. Save content on the go

One of the best things about bookmarking on (in our opinion at least) is that, whether you’re on a desktop or your phone, you can save content in just two clicks. With the Wakelet browser extension installed, you only need to click the W in your browser bar or underneath your tweets to save content or drag and drop links thanks to our new tab feature. And it’s equally easy on mobile – just click ‘Share’ on any page that you’re browsing and select Wakelet from the list of options.