How I use Wakelet: by Donna Shah

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Read about how Donna’s using Wakelet for her university studies!

Throughout history people have asked each other the following question:  

‘Where were you when [insert historical event] happened?’ 

Well I ask myself the same about when Wakelet came into my life.  The honest answer is that I cannot recall: Wakelet has integrated itself into my entire life so seamlessly that I cannot remember the ‘How?’, ‘When?’ or ‘Why?’. The versatility is immense, and technology users worldwide are riding the #WakeletWave individually, collaborating with colleagues or their learners (in the education sector). 

I’d like to share an alternative way in which Wakelet supports me in my personal life! My story begins with understanding that I am working full time whilst also studying at the Open University so my classes, tutorials and forums are all online. Time is precious and I aim to use technology whenever possible to maintain a sensible work/life balance. Wakelet helps me to do this as I have access to my collections anytime, anywhere. How I create and add to my collections differs, as does the use of the sharing feature. Let me explain further: 

The features and uses highlighted so far mean that I am more productive in a shorter time period and that collaboration with my fellow students occurs seamlessly on Wakelet! If you have not yet explored using Wakelet for academia then I would recommend you start now!


Yet again Wakelet has released an update which simplifies and reduces the time taken on tasks by integrating a OneDrive link for adding items to a collection.  

No longer do I have to save files as PDFs or create and copy the share link in order to be uploaded. I can now simply search my OneDrive and the sharing link is automatically created!