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Sharing digital citizenship resources with parents

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Read about how Alfonso is making his students’ parents aware of what it means to be a digital citizen!

My name is Alfonso Mendoza Jr. I am an Instructional Software Specialist, Wakelet Ambassador, Google Certified Trainer, Merge Ambassador and passionate about all things tech related! My job allows me to always search for innovative ways to help and support our learning community including our parents, who many times have been overlooked. 

The #WakeletWave

I discovered Wakelet when I was looking for a curation tool to help me with one of my masters level courses. I was searching online for several days until I found out about Wakelet by accident and before I knew it, I was on a video conference call with James. Needless to say Wakelet helped me get an “A” in my course, but it did so much more than that and now in my current role it is making a big splash with our parents!

Parent technology meetings

As the district Instructional Software Specialist I get the opportunity to not only work with teachers and students, but I also get to work with parents. Every month we host a Tech Tuesday with parents where we always start our meetings with a digital citizenship topic before we move on to other hands-on activities. However, many times our meetings center around this very important topic. I soon realized that many parents were coming to the meetings not knowing what digital citizenship is and how important it was for them to be educated on this topic.

In hearing the discussions that were taking place regarding what they experience with their own children and what others experience as well, I realized that I needed to make sure that our parents became educated and up to date with the most current happenings regarding digital citizenship. I felt the need to help our parents have resources on hand; such as informative videos about topics such as cyber-bullying, sexting and the dangers of other social media platforms that their children may be participating in. 

Wakelet to the rescue

In seeing how successful Wakelet could be to help me curate content for my coursework, I decided to use Wakelet to curate content in Spanish and English for my parents that attend the meeting. When I first shared all the articles, videos, and infographs they were very happy because now they felt that they had access to a wealth of knowledge regarding digital citizenship.

Check my collections out here!

Spanish Wakelet Resources

English Wakelet Resources

Many parents took a proactive approach and reshared the Wakelet collection with their friends and family members so they too can learn about the importance of digital citizenship and keeping their children safe. This has been one of the greatest opportunities where we can see the amazing use of Wakelet in empowering our parents.

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