Adobe Spark + Wakelet!

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Add your Adobe Spark content to Wakelet!

We’re super excited to announce our new integration with Adobe Spark! Present your Adobe Spark creations in Wakelet!

Whether you’re an educator creating engaging learning resources for your class, or a student that wants to share their creative flair – it’s easier than ever to showcase your Spark content, by adding them to your Wakelet collections!

Here’s how it works!

What can you create with Adobe Spark?


Creating your portfolio on Wakelet? Add your Adobe Spark content to showcase your creative prowess.

Digital Storytelling 

Invite your students to tell their story on Wakelet! It’s a great opportunity to encourage students to get creative and share their story.

Collaborative Projects  

Ask your class to create posters in Adobe Spark and add it to a Wakelet collection! Students can also add other multimedia content such as YouTube videos, online sources, and images, to provide context to their poster! Create a space and add all of your students creations to the space.

There are so many ways to use Wakelet and Adobe Spark – so get creative!