Access the Wakelet App in your Microsoft Teams Meeting!

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The Wakelet App can now be showcased within your Microsoft Teams Meeting!

With just a few clicks, you can access and explore your Wakelet collections from within your Microsoft Teams Meeting!

How does it work?

Step One:

From within Teams, go to your Calendar to schedule a meeting. Here, you can preload your Wakelet collection to view and engage with before beginning your call! To do this, select the ‘+’ icon on your Calendar tab, and search for the Wakelet App from within Teams. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can add the Wakelet App to Teams from here!

Step Two:

Once you’ve selected the Wakelet App, a pop-up will appear displaying a box for you to input your Wakelet collection’s URL into. Remember – your collection must be pre-set as either Public or Unlisted, or it won’t embed! 

Now that you’ve added your collection’s URL, hit save and your collection will be added to your Teams tab. You can view and interact with your collection right here, enabling you to review your materials before jumping onto your call!

Step Three:

Next up, begin your Teams Meeting! Once the call has started, select the Wakelet ‘W’ on the bar at the top of your screen. This will prompt your Wakelet collection to appear at the right hand side of your call for everyone in your meeting to see! Present and explore your collection right then and there. Showcase multimedia content, fully compatible with Microsoft’s Immersive Reader, and discuss the materials with everybody on your team! 

We’re so excited to see how everyone makes the most of this exciting new integration between Wakelet and Teams! Here are a few Top Tips to help get you started:

Have any ideas for how you can use our new integration? Feel free to let us know your thoughts!