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Wakelet & Kahoot!: It’s all coming together!

by Wakelet on

Vitor shares his fantastic thoughts on how you can combine Kahoot! and Wakelet in your teaching!

The buzzing word is “curation”! As teachers, we all face a common challenge: knowledge management and the display of information to our students. Lots of data, classes, and evaluations here and there. Wakelet and Kahoot! to the rescue!

This new Kahoot-Wakelet partnership solves my problems! I’m an educational technology and user-experience specialist. Learning assets need to be put together like a puzzle. As a student-centered professional, I like to put them into a canvas that supports different sorts of media that my students and teachers will learn the best, therefore I use Wakelet.

After my classes, I had to open lots of tabs which is difficult to keep on top of! With Wakelet, I’m able to add all my links into visual, accessible collections, and then my students and I can review what was shown in a secure place. Then we can evaluate learning strategies into a gamified platform. This is where Kahoot excels! We can incorporate engaging games and great reports by including a Kahoot! challenge inside a Wakelet collection! Now I’m able to see how long my students took to answer certain questions, and how they engage with the materials I share inside my Wakelet collection.

It’s all coming up together to help me save time and teach better and learn better. My puzzle is set, and ready to be used! Is yours? Let us know on social media and include #Kahoot and #WakeletWave!

Special thanks to Vitor for sharing your ideas!