My school’s journey on the Wakelet Schools Program: by Dr Vishal

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Explore Dr Vishal’s journey on the Wakelet School’s Program and discover how collaboration in his school community has been enhanced!

Its almost a year that I have been using Wakelet for my personal self. I am Dr. Vishal Varia, Director of Rosary School, Rajkot – India. Check out my Wakelet profile!

I am also the leader of my Google Educator Group –  GEG Ahmedabad and a co-leader with GEG Global.

I found Wakelet very interesting and useful for bookmarking as well as making collections and then sharing them across your network. The Wakelet Community Leader and Ambassador program inspired me to promote it in my network and spread the word. 

I have conducted three online sessions with my community – GEG Ahmedabad, GEG Pune and GEG Global, where I demonstrated the utility of wakelet to educators at large. 

The joy of being a Wakelet Ambassador doubled when I learnt about the Wakelet School Program. I instantly registered my school for the Wakelet School Program. I am very excited about the wakelet school program as that it first started with schools in India. This was something to be proud of being Indian, as for technology we have seen everything coming from the west and since this project being started first with Schools in India, I am very excited. 

My school -Rosary School – Wakelet Profile: is one of the first school along with 23 other schools of India to be included in the Wakelet School Program first round.

My efforts of promoting Wakelet to my colleagues was now resulting into a greater output. Having enrolled for the Wakelet School Program, I asked all the teachers to start using wakelet for education. The concept of utilizing Wakelet in school can be easily understood with the following steps:

  1. Got enrolled for Wakelet school Program
  2. Made announcement for same with staff, students and social media
  3. Asked the teachers to create their profiles on Wakelet
  4. Demonstrated them the utility of wakelet and showed then how they can use it for their subjects.
  5. Started a group project on Wakelet with teachers to give them an exercise that they can use for their students.
  6. Started a group project with Educators community with GEG Ahmedabad and GEG Pune to fetch inputs for educators across the country.
  7. Asked teachers to prepare collections for their subject and then share with students.
  8. Asked teachers to start project work with students using Wakelet Group Collection.
  9. As a school we started recording of student activities by asking teachers to upload such activities in a group collection on wakelet
  10. We then started preparing our school newsletter that can be shared with parents and community at large.

Wakelet has given us a platform that is not only easy to use and collaborate but also reduced our efforts of reflecting on activities that we conduct at school level. Earlier we use to centralize the reporting of the activities and the operators used to get overload or confuse, but now we ask teachers to directly upload the activities on the wakelet group collection thereby reducing the task of operators and empowering the teachers to doing on their own. This has also reduced the errors that were found due to operator intervention.

In short, wakelet has enabled us to report, reflect, share and collaborate using our School Profile. We are thankful to Team Wakelet primarily for preparing such a useful tool and secondly starting the School Project. Over and above this, Wakelet also now supports the regional language, this makes the tool more popular and easier to use.

Thanks Team Wakelet!!! You are awesome.