Exciting ways your students can use Wakelet as they #ReturnToLearning!

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Use Wakelet to inspire your students this school year!

Whether your students are heading back to the classroom or will be learning from home, Wakelet is the ultimate all-in-one platform they can use to ensure they’re engaging with your teaching! Check out the top 3 ways our Community are planning on using Wakelet this year!

Student Accounts

We’re super excited to have released Student Accounts earlier this year, and what better time to try out the new functionality than when you return to learning with your students! Student Accounts are ✨ perfect ✨ for educators who have students under 13 as you’re able to manage and view all of your students collections from your Wakelet account. This gives you complete control and peace of mind when it comes to ensuring your students and safe and secure as they complete assignments and tasks! Simply import your students using Google Classroom, Microsoft, or Clever, and your students can login to Wakelet straight away — no password needed (so there’s no excuse for no homework 😉)!


We’ve all got work that we’re proud of and want to show off, but that work is often scattered around the web in different file formats. This makes it difficult for your students to collate all of their incredible achievements in one place. That’s where Wakelet comes in! Whether your students are documenting their progress on a particular task, or are wanting to showcase their accomplishments throughout the school year, a digital Wakelet portfolio is the way to go! Each student can create a collection with all of their achievements, or they can break their portfolio down project by project. Whatever way your students choose to showcase their portfolio, they can get creative and express themselves using Wakelet!

⚡ Pro Tip — Your students can take their creativity to the next level with the various layout options on Wakelet. From media view to mood board view, there’s a view for every collection on Wakelet! ⚡


Another powerful way students can use Wakelet is for assignments! Having one place to save links, add notes, and collect photos or videos is a game changer for pupils who are juggling multiple projects at once. With the ability to add multi-media content from across the web in a visually engaging way, Wakelet is accessible to learners of all abilities. The perfect back to school assignment is asking your students to create an ‘About Me’ collection! Check out this template for more information!

⚡ Pro Tip — Using Student Accounts will mean you can check in on your students as they complete their assignment tasks. This is perfect for making sure all students are on track and have all of the guidance they need to complete the project! ⚡


Collaboration is such a key part of Wakelet, and it’s so easy to do! Simply create a collection and invite your students to add to it. Or, of course, students can invite their classmates to a collection they have created too. It’s such a simple tool, but it’s so powerful due to the possibilities being endless! Check out this video for more information!

⚡ Pro Tip — There are so many ways to collaborate with your students! Some of our favorite collections to collaborate on are playlists, birthday well-wishes, group research, and book reviews! ⚡

Bonus: Student Ambassador Program

The Wakelet Student Ambassador program contains 6 fun filled tasks centered around creativity, critical thinking, curation, communication, citizenship and collaboration! Students will earn badges for each task they complete, and we will become an official Wakelet Student Ambassador once they complete the program. All tasks are compatible with distance learning, so whether you’re returning to the classroom or learning from home, you can enrol your students today!

There are so many more ways to use Wakelet with your students! Let us know how you’ll be using Wakelet in the classroom over on Twitter, remember to include #ReturnToLearning and #WakeletWave in your post! We can’t wait to hear all of your incredible, innovative ideas! 💙