How Educators are planning to #ReturnToLearning with Wakelet!

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Check out these awesome ideas for using Wakelet in the classroom as you head back to school!

With back to school season right round the corner for many, and with some educators having already returned to the classroom, what better time than now to explore the top 3 ways educators are planning on using Wakelet this year!

Meet the Teacher collections

Some students may find meeting a new teacher overwhelming and can cause anxiety levels to increase in the lead up to the first day back. Meet the teacher collections are an awesome way to combat this and can put your students minds at ease! These collections are also awesome for introducing yourself to parents and guardians too! Simply create a collection with some fun facts about yourself, just like one of our incredible Ambassadors, Brandi Reams, has done here! You can start from scratch in your home area, or copy this template!

⚡ Pro Tip — Add images, videos, music, links, and more to your collection too! ⚡

Lesson Plans

The foundation teaching: lesson plans! There’s no better place to plan a lesson than in Wakelet due the ability to add a variety of media, links, and resources to each of your collections. Simply create a collection, plan your lesson, and reorder the content until you’re happy with the structure! It’s that simple! Copy this lesson plan template if you’d like a helping hand to get started too!

⚡ Pro Tip — You could even take your organization to the next level by creating a space for each of your classes. Find out more information here!


Before long, you, your colleagues, and your students will begin to become busy again. It’s important that everyone stays informed with any news and updates during the school term. The best way to do this is through newsletters! By using Wakelet to create and share your newsletters, you can send out one link with all of the information and resources you need to share. This is the perfect way to communicate with colleagues, and your students and their caregivers. Everyone is kept in the loop, easy!

⚡ Pro Tip — You can invite your colleagues or students to collaborate with you on each of your newsletters. Find out more information here!

There are so many more ways to use Wakelet as you #ReturnToLearning too! Let us know how you’ll be using Wakelet in the classroom over on Twitter, remember to include #ReturnToLearning and #WakeletWave in your post! We can’t wait to hear all of your incredible, innovative ideas! 💙