Column Layout: Available now on Wakelet!

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Collaborating on Wakelet: It’s free, it’s unlimited, and it’s beautiful.

Bring collaboration to your classroom’s culture with Wakelet!

To celebrate the release of Wakelet’s new Column Layout, we wanted to share some useful tips and tricks for wielding the power of collaboration inside your classroom with Wakelet. Let’s jump right in!

Unlimited, real-time collaboration for students.

Invite your students to collaborate inside your Wakelet collection, and together they can create something amazing! Students can contribute their ideas, learning, and research through almost any form of content; whether it’s text, images, links, articles, documents, videos, and more! 

Introducing Wakelet’s new Column Layout!

We’re super excited to announce that there’s now a fifth layout available inside your Wakelet collections! Columns are the perfect way to curate group research projects, collaborative boards, bulletin-board projects, weekly planners and so much more. And, it’s all in real time! 

Student collaboration. Secure, inclusive, and engaging teamwork.

Import your students on to Wakelet, so they can have their very own secure accounts! Then, simply invite your class to a collaborative Wakelet collection. Every student can get involved in the exercise, contribute their ideas, and play their part in creating something amazing!

What are you waiting for? Make something beautiful now at It’s free, unlimited, and totally secure for students! 

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