Wakelet’s new Column Layout: 8 Tips for getting started

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Discover ideas for creating stunning, collaborative collections with Wakelet’s new Column Layout!

Get started with the new Column Layout on Wakelet with these brilliant, educator-inspired ideas!

1. Brainstorming new projects

Looking to generate ideas and inspiration for a new project? The Column Layout is awesome for having a birds-eye view of all your thoughts and notes! You can add a new topic and category in each column, and add items, links, text, videos, and more!

2. Group Research Projects

Whether it’s with your colleagues, friends, or students; the Column layout on Wakelet is perfect for conducting research projects with your team! Everyone can have their say inside your collaborative collection: you can add a column for each team member to add their ideas, or add a column for each topic for everyone to contribute to – so your project has a structure right from the beginning! 

3. Bulletin Boards

Create beautiful bulletin boards with the Column Layout on Wakelet! Add upcoming events, instructions, news items, and more. Then, share your collection with your PLN so everyone is up to date, and can add their own updates too! 

4. Collaborative Boards

Collaboration is supercharged on Wakelet! Collaborate with the Column Layout and present your work in a structured, visual format. Planning a weekend trip with your friends? Everyone can add ideas for activities, restaurants, itineraries, and photos, all in one Wakelet collection. Boom! Easy as that.

5. Weekly Planners

Stay on top of your schedule with Wakelet! Column Layout provides you with the format to comprehensively organize your week. Simply add a column for each day, and populate it with tasks, relevant materials and content, so it’s the perfect reference point as you make your way through your week’s work! 

Top Tip: download the Wakelet Mobile App, so you can take a peek at your plan wherever you are!

6. Exit Tickets

Invite your students to a collaborative exit ticket! With the Column Layout, you can seamlessly access every student’s response to your lesson through multiple forms of content. We highly recommend you give this one a try! 

7. Ice-breakers

Returning back to school after a break? We’ve seen teachers from around the world use Wakelet for ice-breaker exercises. Add a column in which students can state their name and age, another column for the highlight from their break, another one for their favorite book, and another one for their favorite food! This is an immersive curation process that students are sure to engage with!

8. Student work submission

Last, but not least, you can use Wakelet’s new Column Layout for student work submission! It’s super easy to do: invite students as collaborators inside your Wakelet collection, and they can submit their work inside a column! Students can easily navigate your collection, making the submission process intuitive and engaging.

What are you waiting for? Make something beautiful now at wakelet.com. It’s free, unlimited, and totally secure for students! Find tons of ideas and inspiration in the official Wakelet Templates Page!

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