Top 5 Productivity Tools for Teachers 2022

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Which productivity tools are teachers using this year? Read our blog to find out!

The disruption brought by the pandemic has pushed many educators to define a new learning experience for students, sourcing tools from every corner of the web, aiming to deliver a seamless physical and virtual environment. You also know that being a teacher isn’t just about teaching. It’s also about paperwork, feedback, reporting, planning, organizing, and school meetings. In this article, we’re going to showcase some of the best tools to support your class delivery and empower your workflow to become a Super teacher!

Google Workspace

There’s no doubt that Google Workspace is a must-have tool for teachers! Not only does Google Workspace provide a solution for creating documents and presentations, but can also enable digital collaboration with colleagues and students!

Google Workspace is an all-in-one, versatile platform that can adapt to your needs. Whether you’re ticking off a to-do list, catching up with your students over Google Meet, or simply writing up notes from a meeting, Google Workspace has your back! 

If you want to lighten your marking load, have students submit electronic assignments and store them in Google Drive ready to access later, Google Workspace is the tool for you!


Need to record a lesson or share out some quick instructions? Loom is about to become your best friend! Record your screen with a click, and share your video in seconds. Yes, it’s really that simple! 

Teachers use Loom to deliver how-to tutorials for colleagues, so imagine how much more valuable this will be for an educator like yourself!


With gamification in the classroom becoming increasingly popular amongst educators, and with 54% of teachers strongly agreeing that game-based learning is a must-have, Kahoot! is an awesome way to get started with introducing this new teaching concept to your class. 

Play is an important part of student development, digital citizenship, critical thinking, and collaboration and can make learning fun and engaging! 

Use Kahoot! to create an interactive and fun quiz or presentation to test your student’s learning in a way that they’ll love!


This is the most adorable recommendation you’ll come across! We mentioned earlier that being a teacher isn’t just about teaching. With all of the additional marking, planning and admin that you need to take care of too, it can often feel as though these ongoing tasks are never-ending which can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation.

To combat this, use LifeAt to create beautiful digital scenes that will help you stay focused and productive! Instantly transporting yourself to a new setting can be re-energising! And, if you are feeling lonely, there are plenty of scenes to choose from that can provide a sense of community, togetherness, and belonging!


You’ve definitely heard of Wakelet, and if you haven’t you’re missing out! So you created your Google Docs, Slides, Loom videos, and Kahoot! quiz links, the question is where do you put all these resources, collaborate on them, and share them with students and colleagues … I am waiting! Wakelet is born! It’s the baddest edtech and productivity tool in the block. Wherever there is a link, there is a place for it in your collection from YouTube videos, tweets, social posts, Google or Dropbox documents, Spotify playlist, and more.

Now that you have a toolkit on your belt, it’s time for you to become a Super teacher. A Super teacher that saves hours every day, creates a rich learning experience for their student’s development, and has fun along the way. Most importantly, you are now prepared to be a resilient educator amongst disruptions and can easily switch from a physical to a virtual learning environment.