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Why classroom collaboration is more important than ever!

by Wakelet on

What does it take to achieve a collaborative classroom culture in today’s age of education?


What does it mean to have a collaborative classroom? Let’s take a look! 🚀

Student collaboration: top tools and strategies

Collaboration has a whole new meaning in today’s world! There are digital connotations to what it means to have a collaborative classroom, with countless Edtech tool claiming to empower student collaboration. But why is it so hard to cut through the noise and find the collaborative e-Learning tools that really enhance your students’ learning? Let’s get started with an important question:


What is digital collaboration in education?

Digital collaboration means utilizing an e-Learning tool to unlock teamwork inside your learning community. Whether it’s group projects, brainstorming sessions, or students doing individual work in a collaborative space; there are now tons of exciting opportunities for your class to collaborate digitally!


Hybrid Learning: Collaborating inside the classroom and from home

In recent years, there has been a huge demand for collaborative tools in education. It’s critical that students can connect with one another, and hone their collaboration regardless of where they learn from. Why is student collaboration so important in a remote learning environment?


What are the best student collaboration tools?

EdTech offers so many new and exciting e-Learning tools, but not every one of them will enhance how you teach, and how you want your students to collaborate with one another. Here is our shortlist of the top collaborative e-Learning tools available to educators:


  • Microsoft Teams

Teachers and students alike can work together in collaborative environments with Microsoft Teams. Educators can manage classes, communication, and assignments, all within a secure LMS. Group projects are an awesome way to unlock collaboration with breakout rooms, and the catalog of buttons and apps Microsoft Teams has to offer to enhance their collaboration experience!


  • Kahoot!

Everyone loves a bit of competition right? Kahoot! is excellent for fast and dynamic learning, and their new team mode option supercharges student collaboration in impactful ways. 


  • Wakelet

Teachers from all over the world have raved about how Wakelet has transformed how their students collaborate! Educators can host real-time discussion boards, in which students can contribute their work in the form of multimedia content. This is perfect for work submission, brainstorming, exit tickets, and more!


  • Flipgrid

Engage your students with Flipgrid! Spark meaningful discussions with the power of video! Flipgrid is free and a secure environment for your students to express themselves and share their voices on the topic you share with them. This can be a powerful tool for collaborative reflection and can also be used to showcase the importance of being respectful of others on a digital platform.


What are your ideas for optimizing student collaboration, and which tools do you use for this? Feel free to share them with us on Twitter, and discover tons of brilliant ideas by taking part in the Wakelet Community


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