What is Wakelet?

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Let’s take a look at how Wakelet can impact how you teach, and how your students engage with your learning materials!

Wakelet is the teachers’ bookmark manager! The platform allows you to organize your bookmarks and content into visual collections, that you can then share with your learning community!

Gather multimedia content from across the web, (websites, articles, videos, images, social media posts, and more!), and curate them all into beautiful, structured collections. Supplement that content with your own materials like text, GIFs, graphics, and more; so you can personalize your collection however you like!

Share your collections with your learning communities all within one link! This is powerful for sharing materials with teachers and students and parents, and knowing that all of your content is accessible in one place.

How do educators use Wakelet?

Wakelet is totally free and unlimited to use! Get started today at wakelet.com 

How can students use Wakelet?

Wakelet is totally secure for your students to use. Import your students so they can have their own Wakelet accounts. We’ve seen tons of creative ways to use Wakelet with your students. This includes digital portfolios, exit tickets, and homework assignments! Wakelet empowers students to get creative, collaborate and become leading digital citizens!

Wakelet’s community of teachers is open to everyone to join! Get involved in the conversation by joining the Wakelet Community, and by following us on Twitter – we want to hear your voice!💙