Wakelet + Canva: Integration

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We’re excited to announce our new integration with Canva for Education!

We know teachers have already been importing designs created on Canva for Education into Wakelet. Now, we’re introducing a formal integration where you can easily add eye-catching and educational Canva designs directly to Wakelet. 

Check out the templates for your next Wakelet collection:

Get started adding your Canva designs to Wakelet:

  1. Login to your Wakelet account. Educators can create a free Wakelet account! 

  1. To begin, click Create a New Collection. Add a title and description. 

  1. Next, start adding to your Wakelet Collection! You can add links, text, images, and pdfs. Now, under the image icon, you can select Canva!

  1. This will open the Canva editor where you can select a Canva template for your collection! Edit using Canva’s elements, text, photos, and other graphics.

  1. Once you’ve finished, click “Publish”, and you’ll be taken back to the Wakelet platform.

  1. On Wakelet, keep adding more links and resources till you’re finished building your collection. Don’t worry, your changes will auto save. 

  1. Remember, if you’re in Canva, you can always download your design as a pdf, image or share a link and drag and drop or paste it to Wakelet

  1. When you’re finished, choose to keep your collection private or click Share to make your collection public. 

  1. Note: You can invite students to collaborate and add their own ideas to a Wakelet collection! Click on the “Share” button and add the emails of who you’d like to join.

Canva for Education and Wakelet Power Tip: 

12 Ways to Use Canva for Education and Wakelet in your Class

Here are a dozen ways for teachers and students to get started with Wakelet and Canva for Education:

Teacher Led-Activities:

Student Assignments and Projects:


The Canva for Education and Wakelet partnership is an exciting step towards making assignments and projects more exciting for students and teachers. As students learn how to select, review, and organize materials, they’ll develop a valuable life skill for navigating our information-packed world. 

With Canva’s visually engaging educational content and Wakelet’s curation platform, the educational possibilities are infinite!