Twitter Revue Alternative: Wakelet to the rescue

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Fans of Twitter’s newsletter tool ‘Revue’ are devastated following its discontinuation. Here’s why many are flocking to newsletter tool Wakelet, and discovering it as the perfect alternative.

After the announcement that Twitter Revue is being discontinued, the world of newsletter creators is looking for an alternative to publish news, content, and ideas in a visual, shareable format. This blog covers how Wakelet is the perfect replacement!

Import your newsletters from Revue to Wakelet here!

Wakelet enables you to create collections of multimedia content from across the web: Tweets, text, social media posts, GIFs, YouTube videos, songs, and more. Easy to curate into visual newsletters. Easy to share.

Create Newsletters in minutes!
It’s super easy to create a newsletter on Wakelet, and it’s totally free! Log in to Wakelet, and select ‘Create Collection’. Here you can:

It’s really that easy! Check out this stunning newsletter created by a teacher.

Import your Revue newsletters to Wakelet here!

Wakelet is free to use. Get started today!