Portfolios for All!

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At Wakelet, we’re on a mission to deliver portfolios to every student!

Wakelet premium offers a platform that delivers digital portfolios to every student, and allows learners to publish their work when graduating!

Cara Buckley from Ravena School District says;

“My high school students will be using Wakelet as portfolios. Using Wakelet allows students to share their creations outside of our closed domain with colleges and prospective employers without the district having to make major changes to their student account admin setting.

This has made a huge difference in the way that our high school students can communicate with individuals outside of our district while keeping younger students safe.”

Teachers from districts across the US have expressed the necessity for portfolios in various departments including for multi-language learners, CTE, and diverse learners departments. The Wakelet Team has made sure to build a platform that enables every learner to curate a portfolio that presents their achievements, learning milestones, and personality! 

Download our free PDF for more information about the Wakelet District Plan!