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Introducing the Wakelet Community

by Wakelet on

Do you love Wakelet and want to help more people discover the platform? You could become part of the Wakelet Community. James Davis, Wakelet’s Community Manager, explains all

What is the Wakelet Community?

The Wakelet Community is a group of passionate individuals who love the platform and want to help spread the word. By becoming Wakelet community member, you can test new features before they are released, and receive exclusive behind-the-scenes information. As a Community member, you have direct access to the Wakelet team and can even receive some awesome Wakelet swag as a thankyou for your support. The Community plays a key role in the platform's future by inspiring and testing new features. Join like-minded educators and supercharge your professional development by becoming a part of the Wakelet Community today!

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How do I join the Wakelet Community?

To join the Wakelet Community head to By becoming a Wakelet community member, you will test new features before they are released, receive exclusive behind-the-scenes information, and even get some awesome Wakelet swag as a token of appreciation.

The Wakelet Community Group

Are you passionate about Wakelet and eager to connect with like-minded educators from around the world? Join the vibrant Wakelet Community group, where you can ask questions, receive valuable Wakelet information, share your successes, and network with educators who share your enthusiasm for the platform.