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Wakelet Accessibility

by Wakelet on

The Wakelet Team is committed to making the platform accessible for all. Discover the recent updates we've made!


Wakelet is dedicated to delivering a platform that is accessible to everyone. The team here understands the importance of equity in the classroom and beyond, so we have integrated accessibility into our platform's core values. 


How Wakelet is Accessible


Keyboard Navigation

You can navigate through the Wakelet website using your keyboard! Use the navigation keys to move through Wakelet collections, content items, and menus. Educators around the world are creating inspiring, educational collections; so it’s important that everyone is able to engage with their creations. 


Screen Readers

We have improved our Screen Reader features so they are easier to access. This includes:

Alt Text: Add Alt Text to images inside your Wakelet collections. Select the three dots ‘...’ at the top-right of your image and select Edit. From here, you can add alt text underneath your image! 

Closed Captions: You can upload closed captions to the videos you add to your Wakelet collections. This is available for the videos you record within Wakelet or video content you upload from your device. 

Wakelet collections are designed to be visual and engaging, so it’s important that those who view collections can access the images and videos that are included!  


Color Contrast

We’ve made some changes to the way Wakelet displays color, images, and fonts to accommodate color blindness and contrast sensitivity!

Dark Mode: Select your profile picture in the top left corner of your collections page and see the Dark Mode toggle in the drop-down. 

Immersive Reader: We are proud of our integration with Microsoft’s Immersive Reader. To access Immersive Reader, select the three dots ‘...’ at the top-right of a text box inside a Wakelet collection and find Immersive Reader. Once selected, the text will be presented on a new screen, and here you can:

  • Select themes, grammatically itemize text, and edit font size and spacing
  • Translate the text with over 50 languages to choose from.
  • Have the text read aloud.

We are passionate about putting accessibility at the forefront of everything we do at Wakelet. We have completed our first VPAT, and are determined to meet further accessibility guidelines to make Wakelet equitable for all!


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