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MERGE & Wakelet: bringing the magic of VR & AR to the classroom

by Wakelet on

At Wakelet, we’re always in awe of new technologies, especially when those technologies have been designed to be as accessible and simple as possible.


Although virtual reality has been a “thing” for quite some time, up until now it’s been slow to start in the education space – largely down to the perception that it’s complex and involves lots of expensive equipment. This can often put educators off from introducing it into their classrooms.

Enter MERGE! I first discovered Merge through one of our amazing ambassadors Kathi Kersznowski, who thought it would be a great idea to introduce me to the team. From the first call with Stephanie and Brandon at Merge, it was clear that their mission was one that we could fully get behind!

They’ve taken virtual and mixed reality and turned into something super accessible and meaningful for teachers across the world. From their platform to their headset and the awesome MERGE Cube – it’s now easier than ever to bring magic into the classroom and create memorable learning experiences for your students.

Merge will be using Wakelet to house their learning resources, so if you’re a teacher who’s curious about MR and VR, head to the official Merge page on Wakelet. Here you’ll find some fantastic resources that will help you get started. We’re always looking to partner with other companies and organizations that have a powerful vision and that bring real value to educators and classrooms. Our community went crazy over the partnership announcement, and in the coming weeks and months we’ll be sharing some awesome ways to appsmash Wakelet and Merge so stay tuned!

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