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Using Wakelet for virtual classrooms!

by Wakelet on

Wakelet is the perfect place to create virtual classrooms! Ensure all students can access their learning in a safe, creative environment.

Get everyone involved!

Every student in your class can get involved in your space, and contribute their work and thoughts! Once you invite your class to a space, they’re able to work together in a secure environment, and add their own collections for you and their classmates to access! It’s an awesome way to ensure your classroom is an inclusive environment!

Share materials to your space!

Ensure every student in your class can access key learning materials! With everyone in the space, you can rest assured that all the materials you share into a space can be found by each student. Add collections of resources, tasks, feedback etc. into your class’ space and BOOM! Everyone can explore your learning materials!

Homework assignments

Take your virtual classroom to the next level! Keep track of homework submissions in your class’ space. Why not create separate spaces for different classes, year groups, and assignments? You can jump from space to space to view all the collections your students create!

This also makes it super easy for students to find homework tasks and useful resources within a safe place! Are your students learning from home? Share tasks and projects with them remotely, and they can access all they need to learn from home.

Group Projects

Group projects are another great way to spark collaboration in your virtual classroom! By creating spaces for different groups or teams, students can contribute to collections and work together to complete tasks and assignments. Everyone can upload collections and view their peers’ contributions – and you can keep an eye on each teams’ work too!

To start creating your own virtual classroom, sign up to Wakelet here! Have any other ideas for using Wakelet as your virtual classroom? Share it with us on Twitter! We’d love to see what you’ve been up to 🏄💙