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Showcase your best work with a portfolio in Wakelet!

by Wakelet on

Creat visual, engaging portfolios with Wakelet!

Assembling your professional portfolio has never been easier thanks to Wakelet’s intuitive curation functionality. No matter what creative field you excel in, Wakelet is a free and easy way to create visually appealing, no-nonsense portfolios to get yourself noticed. Wakelet gives you the ability to tell your story, your way and whether you’re a photographer, a videographer, an artist, writer, games designer, or anything else remotely creative, Wakelet is all about empowering you to present the best version of yourself!

Wakelet allows you to create a living, breathing portfolio of your work that’s easy for visitors to navigate and it’s completely free for you to use! Collections are at the heart of Wakelet and provide a great way to organise and display your work based around any theme or criteria you can think of.

Do you want a portfolio where you can separate your portrait photography from your candid snaps? Create separate collections for both! Do you want to show how much you’ve grown from when you started to now? Create collections to highlight your best work by year or even by month! You can even get more granular and separate your profile into sections which serve as interactive headers separating collections into grouped themes that allow visitors to jump between grouped collections with one click.

Your profile area can serve as a great first impression to who you are as a creator and Wakelet is all about putting the power to present content in your hands in a free and intuitive way. Use collections and sections to create a visually stunning portfolio that’s uniquely you in a way that the rest of your creative work is.

The real power of Wakelet is the ability to diversify the content within your collections. You could create a collection of all pictures and another of all videos, but you can highlight your versatility by creating collections with all kinds of links, images and files.

Add an image followed by a YouTube link followed by a text post followed by a PDF. Wakelet is a curation platform where the only limit is your own imagination and you’re already a pretty creative person, so take control of Wakelet in a way that highlights your best self and your best work. You can add a link from Wikipedia to add context to a photo or link to a spreadsheet in Google Docs to showcase your business acumen. You can curate any kind of content within a Wakelet collection, so why limit yourself to just one at a time?

Once you have content within your collection, play around with the layout and presentation of the links and files within it. Some collections work best in the default Media View but your photography might shine in Mood Board, or your videos might look best in Grid View. Your portfolio is an extension of your creativity and Wakelet is another tool you can use to show the world!

If you want to highlight the work of a team, Wakelet provides robust collaboration tools that allow people to come together and contribute towards collections in interesting and unique ways. Use the “Share” functionality to instantly send your collections via Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and many more; or, use the “Invite” button to give your friends and colleagues direct access to create a truly collaborative portfolio.

Collaborating within collections is just the start, as Wakelet Spaces allows additional collaborative freedom, creating an entire profile space where teams can create their own collections and collaborate within each other’s. Wakelet Spaces allows your team to create an interactive portfolio that showcases everyone’s individual strengths while highlighting the teamwork and collaboration that made it all possible.

Wakelet allows you to build more than just a portfolio; it allows you to create a digital hub for your entire online life and then share that with others, allowing them to experience the internet through your eyes. Your take on a Wakelet profile will be like nobody else’s, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.