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Wakelet Community Week 2024

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Are you an educator looking for free professional development opportunities? Join us for Wakelet Community Week 2024, an annual Edtech event designed to bring together educators, students, and Wakelet community members from around the world.

What is Wakelet Community Week?

Wakelet Community Week is a free 6-day event that offers a variety of activities, including exclusive webinars, keynotes, networking opportunities, and competitions. It has over 60 sessions led by over 100 speakers, including amazing keynote presenters like Andi McNair, Nicholas Ferroni, Vriti Saraf, Mike Peck, and Matt Miller. Speakers will be sharing their experiences and learnings from innovative teaching strategies to emerging technologies, and teaching practices.

The main event of the week is Wakelet LIVE, where the Wakelet Team will kick off the week with special updates and feature announcements that are coming to the Wakelet platform.

What to Expect

- Wakelet Live 📺
- Over 60 Sessions ✨  
- Over 80 Speakers 😱
- Amazing Keynote Speakers 🗣️
- Connect with people from all around the world 🌎

As Wakelet Community Week 2024 approaches, you can look forward to an exciting lineup of events and activities. With over 60 sessions and 80 speakers, attendees can explore different topics and engage in fun and interactive sessions. From exciting keynote sessions to networking opportunities, this 6-day event is a must-attend for educators, students, and Wakelet community members. The week's highlight will be Wakelet Live, where special announcements about new features and updates on the Wakelet platform will be unveiled.

Additionally, attendees can expect to be inspired by amazing keynote speakers such as Andi McNair, Nicholas Feroni, Sawsan, Vriti Saraf, Mike Peck, and Matt Miller, who will share their insights on innovative teaching strategies and emerging technologies. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to connect with people worldwide and enhance your professional development. Get your tickets now and be a part of this educational extravaganza!

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Keynote Speakers

Andi McNair - The Power of Genius Hour: Using Passion Projects in the Classroom to Make Learning Meaningful

Andi will lead an enlightening session on "The Power of Genius Hour: Using Passion Projects in the Classroom to Make Learning Meaningful" at Wakelet Community Week 2024. With a focus on empowering students through personalized learning experiences, Andi's session promises to inspire educators to implement innovative teaching strategies. 

This will be a great session! Learn more here! 🚀 -


Andi McNair

Nicholas Feroni - Past to Present Pedagogy: Effective Strategies for Future Learning

Nicholas will present a thought-provoking session on "Past to Present Pedagogy: Effective Strategies for Future Learning" at Wakelet Community Week 2024. With a focus on bridging the gap between traditional teaching methods and modern educational practices, Nicholas will share innovative strategies to enhance student learning outcomes. His session promises to provide valuable insights into adapting teaching approaches to meet the evolving needs of students in the digital age. Attendees can look forward to gaining practical tips and tools to create engaging and impactful learning experiences in their classrooms.

View more details in the collection here! ✨ -

Nicholas Ferroni 
Vriti Saraf & Mike Peck - Unleashing Student Potential through AI, Web 3, and Emerging Tech 

Vriti and Mike are set to deliver an inspiring session on "Unleashing Student Potential through AI, Web 3, and Emerging Tech". With their expertise in leveraging technology to enhance student learning, attendees can expect to gain valuable insights into the future of education. Through their session, Vriti and Mike will explore the transformative power of artificial intelligence, web 3 technologies, and emerging tech tools in unlocking student potential and fostering innovative learning experiences. 

Learn more about the session here! 🚀 -

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Matt Miller - How I’m Using (and Not Using) AI in My Classroom

Matt will share his insights on "How I’m Using (and Not Using) AI in My Classroom" at Wakelet Community Week. Known for his innovative teaching methods and passion for integrating technology into the classroom, Matt's session promises to be both informative and engaging. Attendees can expect to learn about practical ways to incorporate artificial intelligence into their teaching practices while also understanding the limitations and ethical considerations associated with using AI in education. With his unique blend of expertise and practical experience, Matt will inspire educators to explore new possibilities in leveraging AI to enhance student learning outcomes. 

Check out the collection for more details here! ✨ -

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To see the full schedule for Wakelet Community Week 2024, click here. 📺

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