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Rise up for Wakelet: by Paramjeet Kaur Dhillon

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Learn how Paramjeet first discovered Wakelet, and then introduced it to educators in her school!

So when did I learn about Wakelet? It started on August 24th 2019 at 9:17 pm IST. Ms. Mira Speakup shared her Wakelet code in “The Friendly AI” project’s messenger group and the rest is history!

At first, I wondered – what’s all this about? I downloaded the Wakelet mobile app on my phone and accessed the collection Ms. Speakup had shared with me from Kragujevac, Serbia! She’s one of the educators among 2400+ students and educators from 29 countries taking part in “The Friendly AI” project initiated by Kamla Nehru Public School, India.

Being the headteacher in Kamla Nehru Public School #MicrosoftShowcaseSchool is a challenging job. It’s especially challenging when you’re the pedagogical leader, responsible for school accounts, student safety, examinations and, above all else, the capacity building of your educators. Looks a herculean tasks? Not when you’ve got a great, passionate team by your side!

“The Friendly AI” project continued and I still didn’t know much about Wakelet. That changed during the MIEE Teams call when Mr. Teijas from Wakelet spoke about the platform, and how to make the most of it. To make things better, MIEExpert Ms. Manju Chillar talked about her Hindi language Wakelet collection and the Hindi Wakelet ebook. This made me excited to give Wakelet a try in my school!

At a panel session themed “Inspirational leadership in education” on 19th Nov 2019 at Microsoft Edu Days event held at Gurugram, India, I learned more about Wakelet. During this event I got an opportunity to listen to Mr. Teijas once more. He discussed the What’s and Whys of Wakelet. All the while, I couldn’t stop thinking about exploring Wakelet.

Once the session was over, the first thing I did was visit the Microsoft Educator Center and earned the Surf the 5 C’s with Wakelet beginners badge. It’s the perfect way to get started with Wakelet!

Come January 2020, The Bett Malaysia Application had to be filled! Because I had to meet the application deadlines, I decided to use Wakelet to collaborate with other educators attending the event. The leadership team was really helpful here. All the questions from the online form were copied and we started collaborating and contributing answers. Lo and Behold! The application was filled, thanks to the group collection.

I became confident curating on Wakelet. The next step was to help the educators at my school learn about Wakelet. There was no looking back! I requested for a video call and Mr. Teijas introduced Wakelet to 58 educators at my school! 

The #WakeletWave is rising high! 

Kamla Nehru Public School, India is all set to #Riseup4Wakelet!

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