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6 ways to surf the 5Cs with Wakelet

by Wakelet on

Are you looking for new ways to incorporate the 5Cs into your classroom? Here’s how Wakelet can help  

1. Communication

Combining Flipgrid with Wakelet allows you to stretch students’ verbal and written communication skills simultaneously. Students can compile background research to prepare their response in a Wakelet collection, record their response in Flipgrid and then save it straight into the collection too. You could even go one step further and ask them to review their Flipgrid video using our Notes feature or invite their peers to contribute to the collection, providing constructive feedback to help the harness and use their voice effectively.

2. Critical Thinking

A great way to help students develop their critical thinking is asking them to present an argument using Wakelet. Whether they’re arguing about a historic event or contemporary issue, students presenting a compelling argument will need to assess the content they select and determine its value, not only as a source, but also how well it supports their point. Being able to discern whether a piece of content is valuable enough to save to a collection clearly demonstrates critical thinking. It also encourages students to question the arguments they’re presented with as they’ll have a greater awareness of the material that might have been discarded in order to form a more persuasive argument.

3. Creativity

Unleash your students’ creativity by tasking them with creating a Mood Board on Wakelet. With its emphasis on visual, multimedia content, Wakelet is the perfect place for students to showcase their ideas in an engaging way. Ask them to pull from as many sources as possible and be creative.

4. Collaboration

With our collaboration feature, students can work together on a collection without needing to sign up, which makes it ideal for group projects! Ask students to collaborate on a research project on Wakelet. Each group member can save items from across the web, add their own notes, and see what the other members have saved to ensure there’s no overlap (and that everyone’s pulling their weight!) The group can then give a presentation to the class based on their research and use the Wakelet collection as a visual reference.

5. Curation

Curation is fast-becoming an essential 21st century skill and using Wakelet can help hone it. Task students with creating a highlights collection that tells the story of a school, sporting, cultural or historical event using links from across the web, text and images. This digital story should have a clear narrative, feature a mix of multimedia content, and contain no more than 30 items. This will require students to exercise judgement when selecting content, organize it in a way that makes sense, and use text sparingly to guide readers through the story.

6. The 5Cs together

The best thing about setting your students a group project to complete on Wakelet is that they’ll be working on all of the 5Cs at once. Even if the focus is on collaboration or creativity, they will still need to communicate with one another and exercise their critical thinking skills to decide whether a piece of content is valuable, be creative in how they present the content and curate it with imagery and text.