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5 ways to use our copy collection feature

by Wakelet on

Did you know that you can copy collections on Wakelet with just one click? Here are just 5 of the many ways that you could use our copy collection feature

1. To build a newsletter template

Keeping in touch isn’t always easy, but whether you’re a teacher trying to keep parents engaged or a company looking to shout about your big achievements, newsletters are a great solution. Not sure where to start? Copy! You can use another collection as a template, maintaining the structure but deleting the items you’re not interested in and replacing them with your own content to create a bespoke newsletter in minutes.

2. To create an interactive lesson plan

Looking to shake up your classroom? If you see a theme, topic or lesson plan that catches your eye, you can copy it and build on it to make it your own. Maybe it’s not quite right for the grade you teach or you’d like to add your class’ homework PDF to make it work for you. Our copy collection feature means you can build on the work of teachers based anywhere in the world, all with just one click!

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3. To take inspiration from the perfect trip itinerary

No matter if you’re planning a dream holiday or just want to make the most of your weekend away, the travel collections on Wakelet can provide plenty of inspiration. When you come across a great itinerary, you can use the copy feature to add it to your own profile and have easy access to it on-the-go. Add your own restaurant recommendations, flight details, images and notes to make it more relevant for you.

4. To share study resources

When you’re using Wakelet to gather research on a particular topic, you might just find that someone else has already done the hard work for you! Use search to find collections on related topics or themes and, if one matches what you’re looking for, you can copy it. This also works in the classroom. As a teacher, why not create a collection and add a few items to provide a starting point? Students can then copy your collection and build on it, adding their own links, notes and images.

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5. To tell the story of an event

Did you watch every minute of the World Cup or are you an expert in all things Eminem? Whether you want to tell the story of your team’s route to victory or reminisce about your favourite artist’s latest release, you can use the copy feature to build on the work of fellow fans. With collections on almost any topic available on Wakelet, you’re certain to find one that you can add to your story and help bring it to life.