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How can I export my collection as a PDF?

by Wakelet on

Looking to share your collection as a PDF? With Wakelet it just takes two clicks!

Did you know that you can export your Wakelet collections as PDFs? Whether you’re submitting a piece of research for your uni course or presenting your clients with their PR coverage, sending an interactive PDF couldn’t be easier.

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How to export a collection as a PDF

First, go to the collection that you’d like to export – as long as it’s public or set as unlisted you’ll be able to produce a PDF.

If it’s your collection, simply click the arrow button at the bottom of the page – if it’s someone else’s, you’ll find the menu under the ‘…’ icon.

Select PDF export and then click Export as PDF and you’re done! The PDF file will be automatically downloaded and ready to share (and all the links will be clickable too!)