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The Educator’s Guide to Wakelet eBook

by Wakelet on

Made by educators for educators, the Educator’s Guide to Wakelet is available in multiple languages and contains everything you’ll need to start using Wakelet in your classroom

Our awesome Wakelet Ambassadors have created the ultimate guide to using Wakelet in your classroom! The Educator’s Guide to Wakelet is filled with tips and tricks to help you make the most of the platform whether you’re using it for yourself, with your PLN, or with your students.

The eBook covers everything you might need to know, from how to set up an account and get started to which appsmashes you should try and how you can start riding the #WakeletWave and get involved with the Community!

And now it’s available in different languages; you can find the Spanish, Arabic, Danish, French and Malay translations below! To access every version of our eBook, jump in here!

If you, or someone you know, would like to help by translating the eBook into another language, please let us know @Wakelet on Twitter!  

The Educator’s Guide to Wakelet – written by Karly Moura, Sean Fahey, Dr. Randall Sampson, Jen Saarinen, Claudio Zavala Jr., Paul West, Scott Titmas, and John Bimmerle.

Español Educator’s Guide – translated by Alberto and Mario Herraez.

المرشد الإلكتروني للمعلم للإستخدام  – translated by Dr. Ilene Winokur Alzaid.

Un Guide Pour Les Enseignants – translated by Lorene Champelovier.

Loererens guide til Wakelet – translated by Ole Kristensen.

‘evac οδηγόσ για τουσ εκπαιδευτικου – translated by Filippousis Georges.

Tanári útmutató a Wakelet használatához – translated by Novák Károly.

शिक्षकों का मार्गदर्शन करता है – translated by Manju Chhillar.

Panduan Wakelet bagi Pandidik – translated by Mohd Azrul Bin Che Mustapha and Mohd Faisal Bin Fadzil.