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5 ways to use Wakelet on World Book Day

by Wakelet on

Want to embrace World Book Day in your classroom this year? Read this blog to get some ideas!

Are you a self-confessed bookworm or an English teacher hoping to inspire the next generation of readers? Whatever your reason for celebrating World Book Day, Wakelet is here to help. With our collaboration feature, you can get the whole class involved in World Book Day activities! Challenge your students’ creativity, critical thinking, communication and curation skills.

1. Book reports

Book reports have been a staple of English classes for decades but, with Wakelet, you can give them a 21st century update! Why not invite your class to collaborate on a book report collection? Provide them with the collaboration code and ask them to create a report on a book the whole class has been reading. They can submit their reports in writing, or even record their report vocally using the Flipgrid shorts camera on Wakelet. Review their submissions privately or invite the class to view each other’s contributions!

2. Top 10 lists

You and your students can create fun, interactive and visual top 10 lists on Wakelet! It’s a great exercise that not only encourages students to find their voice and talk about something they love but also to apply critical thinking to their choices. The class can then share their collections with one another to get more reading list inspiration. (And there’s nothing stopping you creating your own list too!)

3. Make reading accessible for everyone with Immersive Reader

Make sure everyone in your classroom can get a kick out of World Book Day! Our integration with Microsoft’s Immersive Reader allows for every student to have the chance to improve their reading ability and grow in confidence! Add a chapter of your class’ favorite book to Wakelet and have it read aloud with Immersive Reader!

4. Create a digital fairy tale

Did you know that you can use Wakelet for digital storytelling? Challenge your students to hone their research skills and unleash their creativity by creating a digital version of their favorite fairy tale. They can add links to articles or research papers, upload images, and add their own text!

5. Costume competitions

If your students dress up for World Book Day, you can create a collection to document their costumes! Create a collection to add their images to, alongside notes on the character they were playing and why. You can keep the collection unlisted so that only those with a link can view it and, once you’ve added everyone in class, you could email the link out as a newsletter for parents.