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How to use Wakelet: shopping list

by Verity Hogan on

Have you created a wish list on Wakelet? Find out why it’s the perfect place to create your shopping list

I have a confession; I’m a compulsive window shopper.

And it’s not just windows that attract my attention; Amazon, Instagram, Twitter, emails – I fall in love with new things countless times a day.

But, more often than not, my eyes are bigger than my budget, so most of my label-based love affairs are nothing more than fleeting infatuations.

Savvy shopping lists

When I do have the opportunity to go shopping – after a birthday or when payday has come around again – I’ve often forgotten what I wanted to buy. Sometimes I’ll take a screenshot of an Instagram post, like a Tweet, or add a link to my browser bookmarks but it can be hard to remember what I’ve saved and where.

Save the content that matters

That’s where Wakelet comes in.

The advantage that Wakelet has over any shop’s own wish list is that I can add links from anywhere online. Whether it’s a dress from ASOS, a DVD from Amazon, or a T-shirt from Topshop, I can add it to my collections in just two clicks with the browser extension. It’s just as easy to save an inspiring Instagram post or to upload a photo of an item I see while out shopping, …. And I can reorder the items so that my favourites – the most-wanted pieces – are always at the top when I’m ready to shop.

But as useful as I find Wakelet in organizing my own shopping list, the platform really comes into its own when it comes to buying gifts for other people.

Choosing the perfect present on Wakelet

When I know I have someone’s birthday coming up, I’ll create a collection to start collecting gift ideas. That way, every time I come across on something that I think would be a good gift, or they mention something they’d really love, I can quickly add it to the collection and revisit it later on. It’s an easy way to make sure that my gifts are thoughtful without having to have a photographic memory!

Save the content that matters

It’s even better when buying gifts as a group. My friends and I decided to club together on a present for our friend’s 30th birthday but were struggling to choose what to buy. We had a chaotic WhatsApp group full of suggestions – some good, some bad, and all lost in-between everyday conversation.

When we transferred our discussion over to Wakelet instead, everything became so much easier. We all collaborated on a private group collection, adding ideas as and when we found them. We were even able to add notes explaining why we felt an item or idea would work well. And we weren’t restricted; our final collection featured everything from spa days to DVD boxsets and included images, notes, tweets and Instagram posts. Plus, our friend loved her presents.

Everyday shopping lists

Recently, I’ve even started using Wakelet for everyday shopping lists. I created a private grocery list and spent a couple of hours adding all of my favourite items. Now, each week I can copy that original collection with the click of a button and simply delete or add the items that I do and don’t need. It syncs automatically with my phone and I can head to the supermarket without having to spend hours creating a list in my notes or writing one out by hand. It’s an invaluable time saver.