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How to use Wakelet: Small businesses

by Wakelet on

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to help your business stand out from the crowd, Wakelet can help! Here are a few great ways that small businesses can use Wakelet

Create a temporary website

When you’re starting a small business, setting up a website is essential. But, it can be difficult to find the extra resource needed to fund and create your website. Navigating ready-made online templates often isn’t any easier! With Wakelet, you can curate content from across the web for free, creating a natural focal point for anyone interested in your business – and a great temporary website! You could save customer testimonials from Twitter, Instagram posts, images from events, articles from the press, and product details all in one place. You can even include your company’s tagline and contact details in your bio and connect your profile to all of your social media accounts.

Write a company blog

A company blog helps you stand out from your competition, demonstrate your expertise, and provide customers with a little something extra. Whether it’s tips on how to use your product, case studies from satisfied companies, or opinions on the latest trends in your industry, a blog should be an important part of your small business marketing strategy. Creating a blog on Wakelet couldn’t be easier! You can create a collection on any subject, add text and images, and even include video and social media posts in just two clicks. Simply share it to social media or as a link in an email to your customers.

Save, organize and share on Wakelet

Showcase customer feedback

When you’re building a small business, reputation is everything. Showcasing your positive customer feedback can help increase trust and attract new customers. With Wakelet, you can save and organize customer feedback from across the web, whether it’s from tweets, Facebook posts, written testimonials, or even videos! You can keep your collections unlisted and only show them internally or make them public so that others can appreciate your positive reviews.

Prepare investment materials

If you’re looking to scale your small business or attract new investors, you’ll need a lot of documentation. It’s not fun, but it is necessary. Why not save it all in one place on Wakelet? You can keep your collections private or unlisted to ensure they’re only seen by the people who need to see them. Save everything from your Google Sheets budget documents and PDF marketing strategies to customer testimonials from social media and videos from events. You can also easily add new content to your collections as and when you need to so your prospective investors will always see the latest information.