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Bridging the digital gap with Wakelet: by Goh Kok Ming

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Find out how Goh bridged the digital gap in his classroom with Wakelet!

Technology provides endless possibilities to support people’s lives! It’s clear that it’s here to stay in the world of education – but how can educators make sure that students have access to the technology they need?

Innovation in my classroom

Every day educators are witnessing the positive impact technology has in the classroom – so I decided to offer more options to my students! I was introduced to a free and user-friendly online platform called Wakelet by Mr Azrul, one of the first Wakelet Ambassadors in Malaysia! I am Goh, a primary mathematics teacher from an under-enrolled school which only consists of 24 students and is located in Selama, Perak, Malaysia.

One of the problems I often face is that my students feel they can’t make a difference. I believe everyone deserves the opportunity in his/her learning process to feel they can make a difference! Wakelet offers my students the opportunity to learn meaningfully and grow in confidence!

Captivating learning without pressure

Kick off the New Year with some new ways to learn mathematics! I introduced Wakelet to my students by showing some of my collections to them in class. They loved Wakelet! It lightened the mood in the classroom immediately. I tasked them with assignments and they started exploring Wakelet for themselves! They began creating and sharing their collections by providing links with each other.

This style of teaching keeps students engaged and shakes up the usual mathematics assignments. My students enjoyed this activity so much that they wanted to work with Wakelet more. After having a discussion with them, we came up with an idea for a competition – Maths Digital Storytelling!

Maths Digital Storytelling

Storytelling! It makes you care about something. My students created a collection including all the stories they made with Pixton Comic in Microsoft PowerPoint. Some of them even insert the related YouTube videos, links and images as supporting details for their stories. They curate and organize their own spaces in Wakelet and learn to be a responsible digital citizen!

My students shared their digital stories in front of the rest of the class. They also shared their digital stories with others via Skype. They felt proud of themselves and they grew in confidence! This approach had the additional benefit of building anticipation and excitement for the upcoming sharing sessions with Wakelet. Now my students feel that they can make a difference!

More learning impact

Integrating Wakelet into my lessons has made learning even more awesome for my students. Through empowerment, they have grown from being curious, to being responsible! Wakelet not only helps teachers curate and organize content from across the web, it allows teachers to help their students digest learning material in an engaging way. Like my student, Amir said,

we love to come to school and know that we are going to have fun when we learn maths through stories in Wakelet. It is a fun competition! And we learn to be a good digital citizen.”

Learning new things never gets old!

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