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Wakelet’s Monthly Roundup: February

by Wakelet on

Get up to date with all that’s gone on at Wakelet HQ in February!

It’s that time of the month again! February was over in a flash – but we managed to squeeze in some amazing memories. We’ll never forget our trip to Texas. We’re SUPER excited about Wakelet’s new features. And, as always, we’re so thankful for all the love and passion from everyone riding the #WakeletWave!

We love sharing everything that’s going on behind the scenes at Wakelet HQ with you all – so without further ado…


Our trip to TCEA

TCEA was a blast! Visiting Austin, Texas was a truly special experience. To meet so many inspiring people, in such a beautiful city, is something that we’ll never forget doing. The warm Texas welcome that greeted us when we landed was amazing. Shout goes to Randall for showing us around the Longhorns stadium. It. Was. Awesome!

And of course massive thank yous go to Deb and Tish for their incredible personalities and energy – we couldn’t have done it without you!

To all the Wakelet Ambassadors and Community members that we met at TCEA, it was so much fun chatting (and partying 😉) with you. And all the new faces we encountered during the week, it was a pleasure to meet y’all! The #WakeletWave is strong in Texas. 

Want an all access peek at our trip to TCEA? Check out the latest #WakeletWave Vlog right here.

Wakelet browser extension on Edge

It was very exciting to launch the Wakelet browser extension on Microsoft’s Edge! Now available on Chrome, Firefox and Edge, with the browser extension it’s easier to:

  • Bookmark content while you’re browsing the web 
  • Save social media posts 
  • Go to view your collections as soon as you open a new tab

Add items to your Wakelet collections with just two clicks! Add our extension to your browser here

Student Ambassador Program’s new look

Help your students become awesome digital citizens with our Student Ambassador Program! Since we launched this feature in January, we’ve been blown away by the response from the Wakelet Community. Students from all around the world have been earning badges and surfing the 6 Cs with the Program. And now we’re happy to say, the Student Ambassador Program has a fresh new look! Check it out here. Why not enroll your students today? 

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