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How I use Wakelet: by Tanvir Singh

by Wakelet on

Read about how Tanvir is using Wakelet for his not-for-profit, and for recording his academic research on sustainability! 

We love how Tanvir is using Wakelet to document his work for sustainability. Over to you Tanvir!

Using Wakelet for showcasing not-for-profit work:

If you’re working to make society a better place to live in, then it’s important to have a medium to showcase your work to the masses. Why? To make people aware of your work so they can assist you in your cause! Wakelet is a great way of doing this! 

We are running a not-for-profit organization called Green ThinkerZ. We have conducted over one hundred social cause drives but weren’t able to showcase our work to the masses. Now, through Wakelet, we have started creating collections to share with people! In these Wakelet collections we show what we do for the social cause drives, and how we do it! 

Through Wakelet we had the chance to share photographs, information, web links and more, in an organized format! This allowed us to connect with similar minds around the globe! The ability to share important information about Green ThinkerZ was made possible thanks to Wakelet!

Check out the collections we curated for Green ThinkerZ right here!

Using Wakelet to digitize academic work:

Being a Research Associate with Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing, China, I started my research work with Mr. Amit Kumar.

We wrote and published a number of research papers on Sustainable Development Goals. We were both worried we wouldn’t be able to keep a record of our work. We wanted to keep track of our publication details so we could retrieve and consult them whenever we please.

We realized Wakelet is perfect for this! It gave us a much needed platform to keep our academic work organised in one place and helped us to share it directly with the world!