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Using Wakelet for assessment during school closures

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Read about how Kaushal uses Wakelet for assessment, by inviting students to add multimedia content to showcase their learning!

In these tough times when the world is fighting an epidemic, teachers are overwhelmed by the transformation from physical classroom into digital spaces. A lot of applications and resources are being used in remote learning to teach students. It’s not easy.

Keeping accessibility in mind, searching for the appropriate and best resource for students is a challenging task. Wakelet is helping educators by being a free platform that allows you to curate and organize content from different platforms to save and share with students, colleagues and friends.

Along with saving and sharing content, Wakelet could be used for assessment. The quote, “One Size Doesn’t fit all” describes the reality of our classrooms, but when it comes to assessment, we turn a blind eye to this thought. Wakelet could help educators use the platform to assess students according to their learning capabilities.

Students can contribute in a multitudes of ways including adding text, pdfs, videos, images and Flipgrid shorts. These are brilliant ways for students to express their learning. Apart from this, the teacher can encourage creativity among the learners by inviting students to appraoch the assessment the way they want to.

  • PDFs: Students can upload their work to the collection as a PDF!
  • Flipgrid Shorts: Students can create shorts of them discussing properties of different shapes and figures for geometry assessments. The same could be done for any subject! For example, it could also be taken up for language assessments, where oratory skills are examined.  
  • URLs: Students can save relevant web pages they find wherein they can create projects for assessment. All they have to do is paste the URL into Wakelet!

Teachers can help students develop the 4c’s of 21st century i.e. communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity. This is great for student growth. It will help them acquire deeper knowledge about the topic, and would instil in them a sense of belongingness towards their own learning.

by Kaushal Sen, TGT Mathematics

Presentation Convent Sr. Sec School, Delhi, India.

Twitter: @kaushalsen_15 

Wakelet : @KAUSHALSEN 

Sharing an example of rubric for Project Assessment.