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Collaborate on Wakelet

by Wakelet on

There have never been so many different ways to collaborate on Wakelet!

Whether you’re working with your colleagues on a team project, with your students on a collaborative assignment, or simply making a photo album with your friends – it’s super easy to curate something special, as a team! 

We’re super excited about the updates and improvements we’ll be making to the ways you can collaborate on Wakelet! Keep an eye out throughout the summer for some awesome changes we’ll be making to how you can collaborate on Wakelet!

Invite contributors to your collections by sharing the collection’s code, QR code or collaboration link. Then you and your invitees can begin working together inside a collection! 

We’ve put together a few ideas for how you can make the most of Wakelet to supercharge collaboration with your team.

Collaborate with colleagues:

Collaborate with your team on projects and tasks with Wakelet! Invite your colleagues to a group collection so everybody can contribute sources, videos, text, files and much more: making for a comprehensive, visual piece of work! Why not try using our Mood Board layout for brainstorming exercises? This is a really visual way to come up with ideas together!

Collaborating with colleagues in Microsoft Teams? You can now bookmark multimedia content shared into your Teams conversation, straight into your Wakelet Collections. Allocate a group collection to the project you’re working on, and save all important content into it, so it’s organized, and you can access everything all in one place! Give it a try in your Teams channel here

Here are some ideas for using Wakelet to collaborate with your colleagues:

  • Make a newsletter to share with customers, clients, parents, and have each staff member add their own points.
  • Create a resource pack to share with parents/students during school closures. Invite teachers to add ideas and resources – so when it’s ready to share, it’s full of awesome tools and ideas!

Collaborate with students:

Although it can be difficult to optimize collaboration amongst your students while they learn from home, we’ve seen several ingenious ways educators are using Wakelet to unlock teamwork in their class, even when schools are closed!

Sub-collections are a new and secure way for your students to work together, without having to sign-up to Wakelet! Simply share a collection’s code, QR code or collaboration link with your students, and then they can easily access your collection by inputting the code in the Wakelet home-page. From there, they can add items, text, and even sub-collections inside your collection. 

Working on a collaborative book review? Create a collection, give it a title, and invite your students to add sub-collections with multiple kinds of materials that showcase their thoughts on the book! Your students can then conduct peer-assessment in viewing their classmate’s contributions.

Go a step further! Invite your students to compile a project analysis once all contributions are made. Then, within the original collection, you can access feedback from your students. Not only does this allow for remote collaboration, but it also provides your students with an opportunity to connect with each other!

Be in complete control of your collaborative collections and assign invitees as contributors (default) or administrators! You can apply permissions as you invite students/colleagues to your collections!

Whether it’s a book review project, math assignment, or even if you’re just inviting students to present what they’ve been up to during lockdown; sub-collections are an awesome way to boost collaboration in your students! 

We’ve already seen so many excellent ideas from educators for using Wakelet to encourage collaboration amongst their students. Check these out:

  • Amit’s brilliant approach to using collaboration in a flipped classroom. Read about it here!
  • Samantha’s insightful ideas on enhancing student confidence and citizenship through collaboration on Wakelet. Check it out here!
  • Randall’s awesome tips for using collaboration on Wakelet to engage students. Take a look here!

We’d love to hear your ideas for using Wakelet for collaboration! Feel free to reach out to us – there are so many brilliant use-cases that inspire us every day. Start collaborating in your Wakelet Collections!