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EDUheroes to the rescue

by Wakelet on

Discover a global project undertaken by amazing educators to spread awareness of Covid-19 in students. Read Kamal Preet’s inspiring story, and see her inventive lesson plan!

At the end of December, as the world geared up to welcome the New Year, little did anyone know that the year 2020 would also mark one of the worst Pandemics the world has faced in recent memory. Reports from China were trickling-in about a mysterious zoonotic disease spreading like wildfire. 

The fact that it spread through fomites made it indiscernible and within no time, the novel coronavirus had brought the world to its knees. Healthcare facilities were overwhelmed with a large influx of patients, many of whom were asymptomatic super spreaders. Several countries went into lockdown – schools and colleges were shut, shopping areas, streets wore a deserted look and social distancing and hygiene became the new normal. With media tickers updating the number of infected cases, deaths, hotspots, symptoms to look out for – COVID-19 became omnipresent. 

Schools reacted and adapted to remote learning. Almost a month into the lockdown, we got to see our students online for the first time. It was hardly a week into remote learning that I received a call from a harried parent that her daughter was having a panic attack. Being a class/science teacher, the parent hoped that I would be able to reason with and calm down the child.

After almost an hour on the phone, I was able to reach out to the child and put her fears to rest; but the thought stayed. A couple of days later, I received a call from another parent that her daughter was literally washing off her skin with sanitizer. I introduced Social and Emotional Learning into my lessons the very next day. 

Indeed, teachers were engaging their students in remote learning to complete the syllabus, but considering the unprecedented situation, were we doing enough to spread awareness about the Coronavirus? 

On 26th March, 2020, I launched a Global Project on COVID-19 : where students could learn about the science behind common preventive measures against the coronavirus in a safe space virtually, without being overwhelmed.

More than 50 Educators from 15 countries around the Globe are participating in the project and have contributed towards forming a safe chain for breaking the spread of COVID-19. #EDUheroes have come together and helped spread awareness virtually about ways in which we can fight COVID-19 in our homes, our classrooms, our schools & our communities! 

Take a look at Kamal’s EDUheroes to the Rescue project and website!

And don’t miss out on her lesson plan for building awareness amongst students with Wakelet😊