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My Wakelet Journey: by Supriya Shivgunde

by Wakelet on

Read about Supriya’s journey to becoming a Wakelet Ambassador, and how she’s using Wakelet to connect with students and parents!

I started using Wakelet to curate collections of learning materials, to enable my students to access everything in one place! One of my best moments of my journey with Wakelet was when I was announced as an official Wakelet Ambassador in November 2019!

I’m Supriya Shivgunde from Solapur, India. I am a government school teacher working in a rural area. At my school, we use different teaching technologies in the classroom – we use Wakelet to collect data and curate learning materials for our students, to engage them and aid them in their learning.

At first, it was difficult to understand Wakelet. However, Mr. Jamil Khalil and Mr. Teijas were happy to help me learn the basics! Both of them helped me to use wakelet for collecting learning materials together and I started riding the #WakeletWave! My journey begins…

I participated in #WakeletWave Twitter Chats, so that I can share my ideas and questions in how to use Wakelet in the classroom. After the Chats, I started to use Wakelet to collect data for our 1st and 2nd graders altogether in a Wakelet book. It helped the students in learning how they can use the platform, and improve their understanding of the subject!

Our kids enjoy these books to scan codes and get learning materials together. We also have parents-teachers forums: I share collections of learning materials here. This allows parents to know what their kids are learning. That’s an important part of Wakelet!

Due to Covid-19, we started #RemoteLearning on #MicrosoftTeams. We need to collect textbooks, related videos, some images, PDFs and other teaching tools together. Wakelet helps me to collect all these teaching materials together. It is simple and fun to use! Our teaching community also love to use it – so we all ride the #WakeletWave together!