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How students can use Wakelet: by Namya Joshi

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Namya shares her powerful story of how she connects students across the world with Wakelet!

Empowerment is the key to unlocking students’ innate creativity, which motivates them to innovate and drives them to collaborate with one another.

Believing in Delv deep dive into your Talent and evolve, I Wonder Girl Namya Joshi of Grade 8 at Sat Paul Mittal School, India has taken the COVID19 lockdown in a positive way!

Let’s utilize this unprecedented time in a constructive way. I found an extraordinary way to learn new things. The Lockdown started on March 17, 2020 and I was free since February 26, 2020, as my Final exam finished. On realizing the extent of the lockdown, I followed my normal daily routine. After that, to engage myself and others, I started taking online classes for fellow students and teachers. I have taught numerous ICT tools and one of them was Wakelet!

I have shared Wakelet with students in India and Canada! Students were amazed to see how differently a Wakelet collection can be curated for having a Portfolio; we include tweets, upload PDFs, add Youtube videos, etc. One of the students I connected with was curious about the universe, pyramids, and submitting assignments to teachers – so I advised him to curate a Wakelet collection with all I had taught him. 

The students of Canada were interested in learning about art! Instead of showing my art piece in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, I used a Wakelet collection to introduce me and my paintings. They were all elated to see the paintings and sketches and, at the same time, were amazed to see how organized I was with my stuff. This gave me an opportunity to explain the Wakelet collection as well. Here are the links for my Wakelet collections!

Collection one.

Collection two.

I believe in aspire to make a difference – #EachOneTeachTen!

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