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Wakelet Student Accounts

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All you need to know:


Great news! Now, your students will be able to have their own personal Wakelet accounts where they can organize their research, collaborate on group projects, complete assignments, and create digital portfolios that capture all the best moments of their school career!

Find out how to import and create student accounts here!🥳

  • Head over to the Classrooms tab in your Wakelet home area and select Create Classroom.
  • To import accounts, click on the green import button and choose your import provider. You can choose between Microsoft Education, Google Classroom, and Clever.
  • Once you’ve selected your class, you can then assign permissions to your students, so you can choose which features on Wakelet they have access to! The options include YouTube, Twitter, Unsplash, Flipgrid and GIPHY!
  • Once you’ve authenticated your account, you’ll be able to see a list of all of your classes and groups.
  • You can also click the “select all” button to import all of the classes and groups you’re a part of. 
  • BOOM!🔥 You’ve now successfully imported your students, and created accounts for them! They can use single sign-on to login to their accounts, and start experiencing the magic of Wakelet in a safe, secure environment!

Once you’ve imported your classes and groups, you can see an overview of the collections they’ve created, and the things they are working on. To do this, just click on a classroom or group – then click on the student name or ID. Here you’ll be able to view their collections, bookmarks, and group collections. You can also view their profile, by clicking the ‘view profile button’.

Students can add collections to their profile at any time. Remember! You can remove classes and student accounts whenever you wish – but if you do this, then the account will be permanently deleted along with the content it holds! If you hit delete by accident, don’t worry – you have 30 days to fully restore the account.

That’s how you import and create student accounts on Wakelet! Easy right?

This will help you access your students’ work quicker and easier than ever before, whilst also providing your students their very own safe, secure corner of the internet, where they can accomplish amazing things!💙

Find out more about importing student accounts to Wakelet here!