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Harness The Power of Wakelet For Research

by Wakelet on

Curate your research project into Wakelet collections!


Wakelet isn’t just about creating collections to share with the world; sometimes you just need somewhere to gather your thoughts all in one place and aren’t necessarily ready for everyone to see what you’re working on just yet. When that’s the case, Wakelet has the tools which allow you to curate and organise your research in a centralised hub that also allows you to search the wider Wakelet ecosystem for like-minded users working on similar topics.

Wakelet allows you to curate and compile research and content from across the internet and beyond into one easy to organise platform. Use bookmarks to quickly move documents into your Wakelet profile and to make it even more convenient, install the Wakelet browser extension to add webpages with just a click. 

Sort your content into bespoke collections and use sections to organise your profile and keep everything tidy. Within the collections themselves, you can reorder items through simple drag and drop functionality and choose the perfect layout to suit your needs. 

Wakelet isn’t just a great place to store research, it’s a great way to find new content you may not have ever stumbled upon elsewhere online. Just by using the search bar at the top of the screen, you can search for whatever you’re working on and find dozens, if not hundreds, of like-minded users working on similar topics.

Wakelet’s community is full of educators, researchers and academics using the platform to curate and display their own work and by taking advantage of this wealth of knowledge, you can find content that fits your own research needs. If you want to make your own research available for the community, all you have to do is set your profile to public and then people will be able to find your content just as easily.

Sometimes the best way to curate research material is within a team and Wakelet gives you everything you need to collaborate effectively to get the best possible results. It’s easy to create a collection and then invite other users to collaborate within it, allowing them to post their own research alongside your own and it’s just as easy to join someone else’s collection and contribute your own findings and data.

However, you can level up your collaborative research by moving from collections to Spaces, which serve as fully collaborative profiles areas where users can create their own collections and collaborate within each other’s. This is perfect for long-term projects where more than one collection is necessary and allows more functionality and flexibility that simply collaborating within a single collection.

No matter what you’re researching, Wakelet is the ultimate tool to curate, search and collaborate to get the best content all in one place. Whether you’re working on a personal project, a professional use-case or an academic assignment, Wakelet provides you with everything you need to get all of your content, data and research in one place in a way that’s easy to revisit and engaging to look at.