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16 New Features to Enhance Curation on Wakelet: Elevate Your Content Game!

by Wakelet on

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital curation, Wakelet stands out as an innovator, consistently introducing updates that redefine how we curate and share content. This in-depth exploration delves into Wakelet's latest 16 releases, meticulously designed to elevate the user experience and set a new standard for collaborative learning and digital curation. Discover how these cutting-edge features can boost your digital curation game to unprecedented levels.


We've got some super cool updates to share that will make your Wakelet experience even more awesome. 🚀 Let's dive into the latest features and improvements:

1. TikTok Integration: Spice Up Your Collections! 
Guess what? Now you can embed and play TikTok videos directly in your collections! Simply copy the link to the TikTok video you want to include, and paste the link into your collection - it's that easy! It's all about making your curated content even more dynamic and engaging. Spice up your collections with TikTok goodness and enjoy a seamless integration that adds a whole new level of fun.

2. Stay in the Loop with Top Creators: New Subscription Feature
Stay connected with your favourite creators effortlessly! Introducing our new subscription feature that brings top creators' latest collections directly to your inbox. Whether you're in it for inspiration, education, or just want to some high quality content from your favorite creators,  join the subscribe vibe to ensure you don't miss out. Subscribe to all of the creators, or just your favorites - it's up to you. Dive into personalized content and let the good times roll! 

3. Notifications: Because Collaboration Rocks
🔔 Ding ding ding! Notifications are now part of the Wakelet party. Get instant updates when there are changes, additions, or edits in your group collections. It's all about staying in the loop and making collaboration a breeze. Say goodbye to FOMO and hello to real-time collaboration!

4. Copying Made Easy: Streamlined Content Duplication
Good news for the copy-paste enthusiasts! Copying content on Wakelet just got a whole lot easier. Our streamlined copying process saves you time and effort. Duplicate and replicate your way to organized and shareable collections effortlessly.

The official Wakelet Templates page is the perfect place to start copying. Click on the collection you'd like to copy, and hit the 'Make a copy' button in the action bar at the top of the page.

Select 'Copy' on the pop-up dialogue, and you'll be taken straight to your copied version of the template. From here, you can start adding and editing content. Simple! 

5. Explore Like Never Before: Categories and Featured Profiles
Dive into the diverse Wakelet universe with our new Explore features! We've added categories to help you navigate through top creators, templates, lessons, courses, and more. Plus, we're spotlighting featured profiles, crediting the incredible creators who bring value to the Wakelet community

6. Aesthetic Profiles: Fresh Look, Smoother Navigation
Your profile deserves a makeover! We've spruced up the "add section" feature, making your profile look fresh and modern. The edit profile panel got a facelift too; not only is Wakelet user-friendly and accessible, it's fresh and up-to-date too! And if you're in a hurry, the "Jump to section" feature lets you zip through your profile like a pro. 

7. Dark Mode: Because Curating After Dark Matters!
Introducing Dark Mode! Now you can enjoy a sleek and immersive browsing experience across Wakelet, including your collections and profile. It's not just easy on the eyes during those late-night curating sessions; Dark Mode also adds a touch of sophistication to Wakelet as well. 

8. Social Metrics: Followers and Following on Your Profile
It's time to up your social game! We've added followers and following metrics to your profile, giving you a glimpse into your social connections. Whether you're building a community, or just making new friends, these metrics add a social dimension to your profile, making Wakelet a more connected space. 

9. Accessibility Matters: Better Features for Everyone!
We believe everyone should have a smooth Wakelet experience. All areas of Wakelet are fully accessible, including collections and profiles. It's all about inclusivity and making sure everyone can navigate and engage seamlessly. We've got more accessibility improvements in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

10. Improved Search: Find What You Love Faster
Say hello to a more refined search experience! We've supercharged our search capabilities meaning you can now search through collections with lightning speed and accuracy. Whether you're exploring diverse content or hunting for specific topics, finding what you love just got a whole lot easier.

11. Easy Content Management: Navigate Collections Like a Pro
We're all about making things easy breezy! Now you can move, copy, and delete collections directly from the Collections page. Organizing your collections has never been more intuitive. Enjoy a smoother and more streamlined experience as you effortlessly manage your content. 

12. Effortless Content Creation: Drag, Drop, Go! 
Get ready to create content with a breeze! Drag and drop images, PDFs, text, and URLs directly onto the platform. It's all about making the content creation process faster and more user-friendly. Plus, you can add images directly from URLs, adding extra flexibility to your creative process. 

13. Bookmark Your Faves: Never Miss Out
Your favorite content deserves a special place! You can now save and revisit links, images, PDFs, notes, and more effortlessly using your bookmarks collection on Wakelet. Find this pinned to the top of your sidebar. Simply save collections to your bookmarks, and you have a super quick and convenient place to access your important content. 

14. Canva Integration: Unleash Your Creative Side!
Exciting news! We've teamed up with Canva to bring you seamless integration. Now you can access Canva's design tools, templates, and resources directly within Wakelet. Whether you're designing header graphics, visuals for your collections, presentations, or anything else, this integration opens up directly in your collections meaning you can unleash your creativity without having to switch tabs and get distracted!

15. Optimize, Optimize, Optimize: Faster, Smoother, Better 
Get ready for a faster and smoother Wakelet experience! We've worked hard on performance improvements to ensure your interaction with the platform is as seamless as can be. Quicker loading times and improved responsiveness are all about making your Wakelet journey more enjoyable.

16. Bug Squashing: Hundreds of Bugs Fixed
We've been busy fixing bugs to make your experience even smoother. Hundreds of of bugs have met their match thanks to our dedicated team of engineers who have been working tirelessly to address various issues. As a result,  Wakelet is more stable and reliable than ever, and we're not done yet! Keep your eyes on our socials to stay in the loop with more updates coming soon. 

Phew! That's a lot of awesome updates, right? We hope these enhancements make your Wakelet experience even more enjoyable. Keep exploring, curating, and connecting on Wakelet!