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What is social bookmarking?

by Wakelet on

Heard about social bookmarking but not sure what it means and why you should give it a go? Check out our guide to all things bookmarking

The definition of social bookmarking – save, organize and share

So, what is social bookmarking? It might sound like something new but, in reality, people have been saving, organizing and sharing the things they like with the people they love for centuries. Think about all those times you’ve saved an article about your friend’s favourite band for them or created a scrapbook of your holiday to show family. And that’s the definition of social bookmarking; saving, organizing and sharing but online instead of off.

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Social bookmarking sites like Wakelet offer a place for people to store, organize and search through links that they like or want to share. Most of these bookmarks and the collections they’re organized into are made public so that like-minded people can find them and enjoy them too.

Save content from across the web

One of the best things about social bookmarking – also sometimes called folksonomy – is that you can revisit your saved links whenever you like, wherever you are. Unlike browser bookmarks that can only be seen on your computer, saved items on Wakelet can be viewed on your phone or tablet – or someone else’s! Wherever you are in the world, as long as you’re online, your Wakelet bookmarks will be available to you.

Social bookmarking, sharing and SEO

Social bookmarking isn’t just about creation and curation, it’s also about discovery. Wakelet has an amazing user community (we think of them as the superhumans) who aren’t just passionate about Wakelet, they’re passionate about sharing ideas too. Whether it’s teachers sharing lesson planning tips, small businesses sharing their achievements or students sharing their research, Wakelet is filled with like-minded individuals creating valuable content.

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With great content being saved and organized from across the web every day, social bookmarking sites can offer news as well as personalized content that interests you. Simply type a keyword in the search bar and see what comes up. Whether you’re a die-hard soccer fan or an aeroplane enthusiast, we guarantee you’ll find something that interests you, without having to spend hours scrolling through a traditional search engine.

Save content from across the web

And if you’re a content creator looking to get your work out there, social bookmarking is a great place to start. Every time the link to your article, video or podcast is added to a collection, it will be indexed by search engines, increasing the chance of more people finding it. Social bookmarking is one tactic that should definitely be included in your SEO and social media marketing strategy.

What can you create with social bookmarks?

Not sure how to get started? On Wakelet, we have thousands of collections tackling every subject imaginable. Check out a few of our favourites for inspiration:

With social bookmarking you could:

– Plan your next getaway
– Compile your school research
– Showcase your skills
– Plan your shopping list
– Create digital stories
– and much, much more…