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How to boost your SEO ranking with content curation

by Wakelet on

Check out our top tips for how you can improve your SEO ranking by curating content on Wakelet

Increase inbound links to your site

Links, links, links – when it comes to boosting your SEO ranking, backlinks are key! But not just any backlinks, you want sites with a decent domain authority and a solid reputation to be driving traffic your way. That’s where curation can help! When you’re creating a collection of content, you’re probably already choosing the best pieces from the most trusted sites, after all. All you need to do is let the creators of that content know that you’ve featured their work. You could use Wakelet’s Notify via Twitter feature, contact them directly, or give them a shout out in your social media posts or newsletter.

Make a splash on social media

While the exact workings of Google’s algorithm remain a closely-guarded secret, we have it on pretty good authority that social media shares do help push your content a little further up the rankings. If the collection you’ve created is full of great content, has been crafted with your audience in mind and is beautifully presented, then there’s no reason why it won’t make a splash on social. Tag the authors of your content in your posts too and you might just find that they’ll like and RT you too!

Save content from across the web

Update frequently and easily

Finding the time to research, write, and upload new content to your blog or website can be tough, especially if it’s your hobby or side hustle. Luckily, curating content on Wakelet can help you keep things fresh quickly and easily. With the Wakelet app and browser extension, you can save and organize content wherever you are in just two clicks! Save an article that you’ve enjoyed, a must-watch video or a great tweet and your collection will be updated instantly – even if it’s embedded on your blog.  

Create engaging, interactive posts with multimedia resources

Let’s face it; even those of us with the most well-developed attention spans struggled to read a 1000-word block of text. Whether we’re skim reading on our phones or catching up on the news while on our commute, the more creative, engaging and interactive the content we’re consuming, the better. Videos, images, GIFs, songs – they’ll all keep people on your site for longer and keep them coming back for more. With Wakelet, it’s easy to save anything from across the web, so you can have everything, all in one place.

Curate for your audience and add your own perspective

Planes, dogs, Marvel movies, food waste, whatever you’re interested in, becoming a thought-leader in that field is bound to boost your search ranking. Become the go-to site for your industry, the one place everyone needs to go to find the best articles, videos, tweets, and images, and you’ll soon see your traffic figures soar. Don’t just save content though, add your own comments too. With Wakelet, you can add notes alongside your content to give context and show your own point of view.