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Showcase your achievements with a Wakelet student portfolio

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Showcase your achievements and share them with the people that matter by creating a student portfolio on Wakelet, says Misbah Gedal

They say there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance – a line that can be blurred when applying for a job, writing a CV/resume, or creating a portfolio. Many people are uncomfortable showcasing their achievements. In a world where we’re taught that humility is one of the best qualities a person can have, it stands to reason that shouting about the things that make you great feels unnatural.    

Even so, the most confident people often land the best roles. Those who are happy to talk about their achievements and show themselves in a positive light. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it’s only confidence that breeds success. There are a number of things that will always trump confidence when it comes to securing a great job, including having a comprehensive and well-thought-out portfolio.  

Unlike a high-pressure job interview, you can take your time crafting the perfect portfolio. And by curating your achievements in your own time, you’re able to give employers an insight into who you are without saying a word. Letting your accomplishments speak for themselves is a great technique to use when looking for a job, especially if those achievements have been organized in a meaningful way.

Start curating content in the classroom

Students around the world have been using Wakelet to create engaging portfolios. The platform makes it super easy to save your content into collections that you can organize on your profile – making for a lightweight, beautiful and effective portfolio. Rather than telling an employer that you worked at a company, why not save a piece of outstanding work you carried out there instead? Play for a local basketball team? Add that YouTube video of you scoring that game-winning shot. Written a great blog post? Just copy and paste the link to it in your collection. The options are endless.

We’ve seen some seriously impressive portfolios on Wakelet, from students showcasing their internship experiences to creatives and student journalists organizing their best work into stunning collections.

And the feedback we’ve had has been incredible. In the modern digital world, students and employers both feel comfortable sending and receiving one link that showcases talent and experience in an engaging way. Employers regularly search Google to find out more information about a prospective employee, so why not make their job easier by sending them a curated portfolio of your best moments? This will allow them to find out more about you in a way that’s more dynamic than a traditional resume or CV and more selective than a random Google search.

Start curating content in the classroom

Manchester Metropolitan University has also been using Wakelet to provide portfolio-based assignments for students. This has led to the creation of some really impressive portfolios on Wakelet that help support academic work and demonstrate independent research and study. Teachers and professors have told us that allowing students the flexibility of working independently leads to some incredible work that can be showcased even after the student has left education.

And, as we come to the end of another school year, why not ask your students to create a ‘Year in Review’ on Wakelet? That way they can showcase their achievements, memories, and learnings before they head into the next grade. You could even do the same as a teacher to help keep track of your PD.

Whether you’re in high school, college, university or completing an internship, digital portfolios on Wakelet provide a tangible record of your experience. You can highlight your best moments and share them with the people that matter. Capture practically any media – YouTube videos, documents, websites, images, podcasts and more – to start sharing your story in an engaging, meaningful way.