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Wakelet partners with Miami-Dade County Public Schools

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Wakelet announces a partnership with Miami-Dade County Public Schools, providing the new school district version of its landmark Edtech software to ESOL students across the district. 


Since the end of lockdown conditions, the Wakelet platform has introduced new functionality to better support teachers and students. News of the platform’s benefits and the newly launched version for school districts has spread far and wide - and the recent partnership with Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) in Florida is an example of even the largest school districts recognizing its value, along with others in regions such as New York, New Jersey, and Texas. 

Wakelet is now being used in almost 100 schools across M-DCPS, with a focus on their English For Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes. ESOL students from grades sixth through eighth are using the platform to build English Language Learning portfolios in order to evidence their language progress and skills as they learn. Curriculum Specialist, Dona DePriest shares how Wakelet is impacting students in her district;


“Learning cannot be measured on one type of assessment. Language learning is no different. 

As students learn and develop their English language, Wakelet Classrooms can transform how students ‘show what they know’.  In M-DCPS, our English Language Portfolios provide the ongoing progress monitoring tool that teachers need to help drive and adjust instruction unit by unit.   Student collections become purposeful representations of language and provide checkpoints for teachers along the language continuum.”


Dona DePriest M-DCPS Curriculum Support Specialist


“We’re thrilled to be able to enhance our support for teachers and students to school districts in the USA,” says Jamil Khalil. Founder and CEO of Wakelet. “We’ve worked closely with the innovative team at Miami-Dade to deliver an initiative that will benefit thousands of students, their teachers, and even their parents and we are really excited to see the amazing ways in which it is being used to support and evidence their learning.”


“Our school district package provides teachers and students with all the fantastic features of our free program, along with additional benefits such as centralized rostering and account management, setting assignments in secure classroom spaces, the ability to customize the learning experience for students of different ages and analytics to provide insights into how Wakelet is being used by students and teachers.”


The Wakelet district package has also been designed with safety and security in mind, not only complying with national and federal requirements for data privacy but also giving districts the flexibility to manage additional permissions by grade level.

School districts working with Wakelet in this way also have time with dedicated Wakelet Digital Learning Specialists in the US, delivering bespoke training sessions and ongoing assistance to ensure teachers are well supported and confident in using Wakelet, along with enhanced 24/7 support for any individual issues or questions. 

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