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Supporting teachers with Wakelet + Flipgrid during school closures

by Wakelet on

Read Wakelet Ambassador Goh Kok Ming’s awesome ideas about using Wakelet’s integration with Flipgrid for adapting to remote education!

Are you a passionate teacher looking for ways to bring your classes into the 21st century, or searching for ways to incorporate technology in your lesson plans? One of the great benefits of the expanding role of technology in the classroom is the opportunity for educators to stay globally connected, share their ideas and reflect on personal experiences.

Supporting teachers with Wakelet + Flipgrid

Many schools and universities around the world are moving classes online. Teaching and learning from home is a big change for most students and educators. Without a physical classroom, how can teachers check that students are progressing? How do teachers and students stay connected?

We want to help ease the transition and support teachers with practical guides and how-to information that will help teachers and their students to stay engaged with learning. So, we have asked a few Malaysian Wakelet Ambassadors and Flipgrid Certified Educators to share their tips and experience. We organized a series of webinars that can be accessed free for teachers to get started on Wakelet and Flipgrid. During the Wakelet webinar we did, we showed the video of Wakelet’s James Davis as a moral support to our effort in doing so with teachers. The responses from teachers were really positive!

Engaging students remotely with Wakelet + Flipgrid

However we also want to do more. Thus, we have organized a competition for teachers named “Flipmoji Challenge #WeMustWin”. This challenge is an idea we adapted from Kathi Kersznowski’s #Flipmoji Scenes which was shared by Ann Kozma. Teachers applied what they had learned from the webinar and created their videos via Flipgrid and Wakelet. The winners were announced live during our next webinar. It was so much fun!

Teachers engaged and some of them shared their videos with students to ride the #WakeletWave. The wave never ends like this! We have organized another Wakelet + Flipgrid Integration Challenge for students in Malaysia soon! Stay tuned😀

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