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Integrating technology into lesson planning: by Goh Kok Ming

by Wakelet on

Goh Kok Ming uses Wakelet for designing lessons with the SAMR model! Read about it here!

Good teaching is the foundation for great teaching. 21st-century learning is the buzzword nowadays.  Educators talk about integrating technology into lessons but are educators doing it in a meaningful way? The goal of this blog article is to help me and readers to better understand the SAMR model and how Wakelet might fit in. Following are a few examples of the SAMR process that are tried and tested. The lesson ideas represent levels of the deep dive curriculum relationship that is possible in Wakelet. Each lesson reflects an opportunity for pedagogical enhancement and transformation as identified by the SAMR Model. 

The SAMR Model was developed by Ruben Puentedura in 2013, categorizing four different degrees of classroom technology integration. The letters “SAMR” stand for Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition. However, there is an ever-present trap of thinking that substitution is the lowest level of technology integration whereas redefinition is the highest level. Thus, educators need to incorporate technology to reach the highest level in the classroom. Substitution is sometimes the best choice for a particular lesson. As we try to incorporate digital learning tools into the classroom, SAMR Model could be served as an analytic tool for educators. 

Here are a few examples of how Wakelet might fit within the SAMR model:

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