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How to use Wakelet to create music playlists

by Misbah Gedal on

Musicians and fans are using Wakelet to create unique music playlists and amazing fan pages with content from across the web, as Misbah Gedal explains


There’s just something I love about creating playlists. As the designated Wakelet office DJ, I’m tasked with finding music that’s broad enough for everyone to enjoy, but distinct enough to turn some heads. I’m always striving for that moment when someone says, ‘Hey Misbah, what’s this track called?’ It always provides a great sense of satisfaction (and a bit of an ego boost!)

Save content from across the web

However, with great power, comes great responsibility. There’s been plenty of times when I’ve added an obscure, strange or divisive song onto the playlist, only to be sweating feverishly as soon as it starts being played for everyone to hear (and judge). Nonetheless, when you really think about a playlist and become mindful of things like mood, transitions and genre, you can create something really magical.

Using Wakelet to create your playlist

A few years back, when one of our users told me that they create music playlists on Wakelet, a whole new world opened up. I realised that, by using Wakelet to create your playlist, you weren’t restricted to just YouTube, Spotify or Soundcloud. As a hip-hop fan, this was a revelation! Hip-hop artists tend to have their music scattered across a number of different platforms, making it unlikely that you’ll find a playlist that includes both a hit single and an obscure gem from their first mixtape in one place. With Wakelet, however, I can take tracks from Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud and Vimeo and put them all into one playlist.

This functionality allows you to build some fantastic playlists with music from across the web. You’re no longer limited by the tracks available on each platform and you can create awesome, wide-ranging playlists using a combination of them all.

A number of musicians have joined Wakelet for this exact reason. Rather than keeping their music videos on YouTube, their mixtapes on Soundcloud, and their official releases on Spotify, they can bring them all together in one place and organize them however they like, just like artist Heir has done.  

Creating the ultimate fan page

This principle has also led to some incredible fan pages being created on Wakelet, featuring a comprehensive library of music and content from peoples’ favorite musicians. From Kurt Cobain to Michael Jackson, artist pages are being created by people using Wakelet to take the best music content from across the web to create amazing legacy pages. The author of The Hip-Hop Project on Wakelet, for example, has created a fan page for almost every major hip-hop artist of the last few decades, even going so far as to unearth some rare and forgotten pieces of content for other fans to enjoy.

Save content from across the web

Music does so much to bring us together, yet in the era of multiple streaming platforms it can often be difficult to create flexible playlists that aren’t restricted by subscriptions and paywalls. A Wakelet playlist can be created, shared and enjoyed for free at any time, using music from virtually any online media platform.

So, why not harness the power of music and create your own Wakelet music playlist today?