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Creating Remote Learning Modules with Wakelet for Rural Area Students

by Wakelet on

Read Goh’s fantastic blog about how he used Wakelet for online-teaching to ensure students could learn from home!

During this pandemic, schools have started online-learning. This tested the preparedness of schools to deal with a crisis that needs the help of technology to enable effective online-learning. Thus, I started to explore using Wakelet as a remote learning module to help students continue their learning. Online learning modalities encourage student-centered learning, and they are easily manageable during this lockdown situation.

Wakelet as a remote learning module helped me a lot as it was manageable and students could conveniently access teachers and teaching materials whether via Wakelet apps or web-based. Students followed the instructions and completed the tasks given easily. To ensure students learn, self-recorded videos were embedded into Wakelet to explain the topic with more details, and, most importantly, students could access the videos many times.

Besides, it also encouraged students to become self-directed learners and they learnt asynchronously at any time in a day. For each Wakelet module, a Kahoot! quiz was used as a self-assessment tool and it helped students to know which part was their weaknesses. With this, they answered the kahoot! quiz till they mastered the topic given according to their pace. Kahoot! gave my students and me the instant feedback about their learning progress. To make it more impactful, I found that this module was used by 671 students. It really motivates me to share more modules by using Wakelet!